Friday, September 19, 2008

The Ventrue: Dress Designs

I threw down these thumbnails today and just tried to come up with as many designs as possible. I'm in a challenge here because it needs to be realistic, not cheesy, but something cool. So I don't know where that line is of 'to much'.

The first two are the 24 I drew. The last one I got by accident when I kept both of the layers on at the same time. I actually end up getting some really neat designs by combining the two layers. I may play around some more with putting two dresses together and see what comes out of it.

edit: Added numbers to each page


BeerSkunk said...

Could you number them? I found myself picking out a few and automatically identifying them by number, but without numbers I'm not sure how to tell you which ones I like.

andrewQuintiliani said...

Yeah really nice silhouettes so far. As for too much, gawdy is good for vampires, or you could go super simple like something like mortisia