Monday, September 22, 2008

Ventrue Cont'd

I got a new idea for the Vampire. I felt that the Victorian era was a bit played out and it struck me that I haven't seen many Flapper Girl vampires. So with that in mind I got a ton of reference and came up with these 12 dress ideas.

I'm leaning towards 10 and 12


BeerSkunk said...

I like #9 and #5...I'd especially like to see #9 with the headpiece worn by #6.

#10's dress is good, but I don't care for the long gloves or headpiece. The headpiece doesn't fit with the elegance of the gown imo.

I think the shawl worn by #12 would fit better on #10 too as #10 has the bare shoulders and neckline, a shawl seems more appropriate.

Jason Barnes said...

wow, these are beautiful. i love the idea of flapper vampires. it's true you never see that kind of stuff in that type of era.