Friday, January 18, 2008

More work stuff

One thing I've noticed is that my building designs lack any character. Even though its a building, it should have a little something. So I pushed this one a bit more and I really liked what I came out with.

Then I added the value underpainting.

I'm stupidly happy with this. Using the underpainting has really forced me to focus on what is lighter and darker, and pushing my lights and blacks a lot more. I'm super happy with this one. Not sure if I'm going to add color, or just leave it here.

What do you guys think?


Joe Karg said...

I dig it man. I think you're pullin some nice textures on the greenery and the house looks cool to me. The only thing I'd suggest is maybe roughing up the boarders a bit more with a blur of some kind as to not draw too much attention to them.

Great sketch,

Jason Barnes said...

if i ever need any help with building design or BG design, i know the man to come to now. i really like this, it'd look great with more color i think.


ps: that priest is freakin' me out a bit. i like it.