Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Character Development: Brick Bouser

Been working on a cartoon concept for a year or more now with a friend and I'm wanting to get back into the character design process for the show. I've drawn this particular character several times and I feel whatever style I land on with him will set the tone for the rest of the characters. He is one of the two main characters.

For this design I need a character that's full of mucles, and empty of brain. For the muscle I didn't want to go with an Arnold type body build, but more of a World's Strongest Man body type. Lots of muscle bu with a layer of fat there as well. No real definition. I've noticed that the stomach on these guys tends to stick out further than their chest, so thats something I need to push further I think. More to come.

Edit: Added the above pictures "Dueling Bricks" and a face study.


Jason Barnes said...

that's awesome!!! yeah your definitely on to something with that strong man build. those quick studies are amazing! very nice line work and contrasting shapes (especially on the heads). were these done in sketchbook pro? i friggin' love the accessibility of that program.

mos definitely looking forward to further developments on this guy and the show.

-jason (that dude who plays CoD4 waaaaay too much from the animation lab the other night)

ps: just to save time commenting on the other posts, the digital painting of that biker-ish dude from chicago is awesome as well!

Jeff said...

Thanks man. Yeah, all of the character sketches were done in Sketchbook Pro. I really like it for working out quick designs.

The biker though, is all photoshop.