Saturday, January 12, 2008

Digital Painting 2

After talking with some friends and looking at how other people go about this kind of stuff I decided to take some photo-reference of myself in this pose. As you can see, I couldn't replicate the exact pose because it was inhumanly impossible to do so. Which I think works in my favor, because now this pose was more what I had in my head to begin with and looks more natural. Now that the character is nailed down, its time for some color.

Starting another one. This one was inspired by a black priest I saw on TV while watching the news. Thought him being a Vampire would be cool. I'll be working that left foot a lot in this one I imagine. Its just not right and I'm having a hard time figuring it out. Might need someone to pose for me on that one.


Jason Barnes said...

geez, this guy is frightening in the same way Bilbo was in the fellowship of the ring. crazy eyes/teeth and all. awesome concept.

as for the foot..unless he's a 12 year old japanese girl, the foot needs to be bigger. that's the only issue i see with it. (maybe the ankle needs to be a bit bigger too?)


Bryan Wynia said...

Looking good man. The pose is looking really nice. Maybe you could "pop" the vampire feeling a bit more with some crazy teeth or something. Can't wait to see more and this guy. These last few characters have been really nice to watch you develop!

Joe Karg said...

Sweet piece dude. I'm really feeling the drapery.