Saturday, April 5, 2008

Some concept work

I'm taking a Game Modeling class in my final quarter and the teacher has asked us to design a "Modern Warrior", some of the restrictions were that he character could not have a gun, a bladed weapon, and leave the fantasy out of it. So I started thinking about the villain from "No Country for Old Men". He used an air gun to kill with, a seemingly normal item turned into a deadly weapon.

For some reason a dockworker popped into my head and I started researching what equipment they use. I found one, which is a vice called a Pallet Puller. When the chain is pulled on the end it closes the vice. Not a fun thing to be caught in. In addition, you can swing it like a flail. The other item was called a Dock Shock. Its a metal baton with a rope that goes through holes on either end and can be pulled taught. It doubles as a baton and a strangulation device. What I love about these "weapons" is that they're unassuming and have multiple purposes.

His clothing, I decided on a thick one piece that the workers wear to keep out the rain and water. Its padded which adds a bit of protection from blunt weapons and could be helpful against knives. Not to mention, should he get any blood on it the clothing is easily removable and disposable.

Now for Batman: I'm working on an animated version based off the Adam West costume and body type. Normal dude, in a crappy costume. I think I'm headed in some good directions and the silhouettes helped out a lot. I'll keep hammering away at it and be posting some more designs later.


Jason Barnes said...


holy crap! i can't wait for the batman piece. that's hilarious but totally awesome at the same time. the whole idea of a normal guy in a cheesey suit nails it.

plus the dockworker: creepy and badass all at once. really liking where that one is headed.

ps: No Country is the sickest film of all time. Anton Chigurh (as well as Lewellyn Moss) are prime examples of the modern-day warrior.

Josh Howell said...

I love the look you gave Batman, very different from what you usually see the Dark Knight portrayed as.