Friday, April 17, 2009

Axe Attack take 2

Got some feedback on the other animation so I reworked the animation. My bro pointed out that generally you keep your weapon away from the target instead of point at them (unless you're fencing), and that my animations tend to be a little fast.

So here it take 2 - Keys and Breakdowns: Linear


Clint Donaldson said...

This take looks alot better I think, flipping through the frames, I notice the torso pops a bit to the left when he gets to the "cresting" portion of the swing. I think if you fix that and lower him down a bit so that his left leg doesn't lock into a vertical, it will look a more fluid.


Jeff said...

Yeah, I'm much happier with this one. Did the Lango method of stacking all my keys and breakdowns at the beginning of the timeline to just get the drawings right, before getting into the timing. I think that helped a lot.

I'm not seeing the chest pop, but maybe that will get fixed when I get into the spline curves. I did fix the leg lock. Thanks for the comments man!