Sunday, January 11, 2009

Block Hurdle

Finished up the hurdle animation. You can get a good view of it here.

You can double click the image to make it play over again.


andrewQuintiliani said...

Wow!! That is really impressive! The little idle cycle at the end is really nice too!

Jeff said...

Thanks! Just a few more animations and then I'll move on to some other projects to beef up the ol' portfolio.

Jason Barnes said...

very nice! holy cow, the hurdle is great! nice motion and secondary actions. if i were to give any critiques for it i'd say the recoil from the jump is a bit slow. he seems to clear that barrier pretty easily and fast, so i'm thinkin' maybe his landing recovery should be a little quicker as well. other than that his movements are slick and believable. great job jeff

also, the rig seems to be holding up as well! i might need your help within the next couple quarters to give me some pointers on rigging.