Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Start: Crow Shaman turn around

Trying out a new way to do turn arounds using a painting method. Its fun so far. The only issue is trying to build up everything at once. Instead of one figure, its four. But I suppose just like any painting with more than one person that’s how it goes.


andrewQuintiliani said...

Woot roxtar! Great idea for color practice, looking pretty sweet. Keep it up!

Yusuke Sato said...

i like the big crow skull on the back as always.
although he does kinda seem back-heavy. crow skull work-out for the back is the new thing

Jason Barnes said...

excellent work jeff. the colors are kickin' ass, not to mention the solid character design. seems like a great way to help keep some consistency in turn arounds, roughing everything in like that. i always have a hard time doing a turn around and worrying too much about cleanliness. it even creeps into my animation process as well. tightening things up before the entire character is even drawn on the page, it's a horrible habit. haha anyways, thanks for the great image. can't wait to see more.